Web site promotes lung cancer awareness among women

A group of female oncologists have formed Women Against Lung Cancer (WALC), designed to increase public awareness of the disease among women, and foster gender-related research.

Most recently, WALC launched a petition to convince Congressional leaders to increase federal funding for lung cancer research. The disease kills more women each year than breast, uterine, and cervical cancer combined, but is often overlooked by patients and their physicians.

"Women just don't think about lung cancer as a risk to their health," said Dr. Joan Schiller, professor of medicine at the University of Wisconsin in Madison and president of the WALC board of directors. "I treat lung cancer patients all the time who (underwent) mammograms every year, but ignored their constant cough" (Lung Cancer Update, November 2004, Vol. 1:11).

One of the group's long-term goals is to promote regular screening for lung cancer, such as the International Early Lung Cancer Action Program (I-ELCAP), which aims to prove that CT scanning is an effective tool for early diagnosis.

By AuntMinnie.com staff writers
November 9, 2004

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