Optellum unveils lung cancer analysis software

Artificial intelligence (AI) software developer Optellum said it will showcase a prototype of its deep learning-based lung nodule risk stratification software at this week's World Congress of Thoracic Imaging (WCTI) in Boston.

The AI software is designed to help radiologists and pulmonologists in managing patients with nodules detected incidentally or at lung cancer screening. It assesses chest CT studies and other patient metadata to provide an objective quantitative score related to the malignancy of a nodule, according to the U.K.-based company. In collaboration with partners at the University of Oxford, the software was trained and tested on curated databases that included thousands of patients with nodules and ground-truth outcomes, Optellum said.

The technology won the 2015 LungX automatic nodule classification challenge sponsored by the U.S. National Cancer Institute, according to the company. Optellum is currently preparing a multicenter, prospective study to validate the performance of the software.

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