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Foregut Duplication Cyst:


Congenital foregut cysts are the most common mediastinal cysts and account for about 20% of mediastinal masses [1]. Foregut duplication cyst is a general term used to describe bronchogenic, enteric, or indeterminate foregut cysts. Bronchogenic cysts represent 50-60% of all mediastinal cysts. Enteric cysts include esophageal duplication cysts (5-10% of cysts) and neurenteric cysts (2-5% of cysts). Indeterminate is the category reserved for those cysts which are located outside the esophagus, but do not fulfill all histologic criteria to be definitively classified as either a bronchogenic or enteric cyst. The internal lining of the cyst is usually respiratory epithelium, and the wall contains variable amounts of smooth muscle. However, cartilage is not present and the histology does not duplicate that of the GI tract. Up to 20% of mediastinal cysts will lack a specific histology. The CT and MRI appearance is similar to that of a bronchogenic cyst.


(1) Chest 1997; Strollo DC, et al. Primary mediastinal tumors. Part II: Tumors of the middle and posterior mediastinum. 112:1344-57

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