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Invasive Thymoma:

The images below demonstrate an invasive thymoma. The first image demonstrates an eccentric, lobulated anterior mediastinal mas. There is ill-defined increased density within the anterior mediastinal fat, as well as the presence of a borderline enlarged mediastinal lymph node adjacent to the mass. On the lower image, the mass lacks a well defined border and again noted is infiltration of the mediastinal fat. These features suggest an invasive thymoma. (Click on images to enlarge)

/ScottWilliamsMD2/CHEST/Mediastinum/Thymus/Images/Invasive%20thymoma1/ct1s.jpg (30498 bytes)

/ScottWilliamsMD2/CHEST/Mediastinum/Thymus/Images/Invasive%20thymoma1/ct2s.jpg (30414 bytes)

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