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Breast cancer staging:

From J Nucl Med 2009; Lee JH, et al. The role of radiotracer imaging in the diagnosis and management of patients with breast cancer: part I- overview, detection, and staging. 50: 569-581

American Joint Committee on Cancer Staging System for Breast Cancer

Tumor (T) Definition
T0  No primary tumor found
Tis  Carcinoma in situ





 Invasive cancer less than 2cm in greatest dimension

 Tumor ≤ 0.1 cm in greatest dimension

 Tumor > 0.1 but ≤  0.5 cm in greatest dimension

 Tumor > 0.5 cm but ≤ 1.0 cm in greatest dimension

 Tumor > 1.0 cm but ≤ 2.0 cm in greatest dimension

T2  Tumor > 2 cm, but ≤ 5cm in greatest dimension
T3  Tumor > 5 cm in greatest dimension
T4  Tumor of any size with direct extension to chest wall or skin
 T4a - extension to the chest wall
 T4b - ulceration, ipsilateral satellite nodules, and/or edema of the skin (including peau d'orange)
 T4c - T4a and T4b
 T4d - inflammatory carcinoma


Lymph nodes (N) Definition
N0  No regional lymph node mets
N1  Mets to mobile ipsilateral axillary level I-IInodes
N2  Mets to fixed ipsilateral axillary nodes (N2a) or ipsilateral IM nodes in absence of ipsilateral axillary mets (N2b)
N3  Mets to ipsilateral infraclavicular (level III) with or without axillary nodes (N3a); or ipsilateral IM and axillary nodes (N3b); or mets to ipsilateral supraclavicular nodes (N3c)

M0 indicates no distant metastases, while M1 indicates distant mets

TNM staging system for invasive breast cancer

Stage Category
T0N1mi (micrometastases)M0
 IIA  T0N1M0



 IIB  T2N1M0




 IIIB  T4N0-2M0
 IIIC  Any T N3M0
IV  Any T, any N, M1
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