Turkish healthcare IT market set for growth

By AuntMinnie.com staff writers

September 25, 2015 -- The Turkish healthcare IT market is primed for growth, according to a new report by Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) Analytics in Europe.

The report, titled "Essentials of the Turkish Hospital IT Market," includes data collected from hospital representatives at 325 Turkish hospitals between 2014 and 2015. The research was conducted as part of an agreement between HIMSS Analytics in Europe and the Turkish Ministry of Health, and focused on hospital statistics, IT department statistics, software applications and usage, electronic ordering processes, and medication safety.

The Turkish economy has transformed over the past few decades, becoming more and more self-sustainable and boasting a gross domestic product (GDP) of approximately 600 billion euros ($675.9 billion U.S.) in 2014; its healthcare expenditures account for 5.4% of its GDP, according to the report.

The country's rapid IT development, its ability to adapt to new requirements and regulations due to large-scale use of Web applications, and its goal of digitizing all public hospitals make it an attractive investment opportunity for healthcare IT firms, the authors concluded.

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