Aidoc touts research at Pulmonary Embolism Symposium

Aidoc is highlighting research that demonstrates the company's technology at the ninth annual Pulmonary Embolism Symposium being held in Austin, TX. 

Three studies highlighting Aidoc's AI CT platform showed promise in managing acute pulmonary embolisms. Key findings from the studies presented include:

  • 37% hospital length of stay reduction with AI-triggered pulmonary embolism response teams activation and initiation of advanced therapies.
  • 68% increased access of catheter-directed interventional therapy for intermediate-high to high acuity patients.
  • A highly sensitive (95%) early alerting system that successfully identified critical patients.

Aidoc said its AI platform runs in the background, examining both dedicated CT exams and non-dedicated CT exams for both expected and unexpected pulmonary embolism. This brings suspected findings forward to care teams faster, the company added.

The platform also serves as an end-to-end workflow used by response teams and radiologists to manage acute pulmonary embolisms. It automates notifications and suggests prioritizing CT imaging to aid radiologists in triaging and coordinating treatment.

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