Flywheel launches new data sharing platform

2021 05 12 19 52 5585 Computer Data Wave 400

Research informatics company Flywheel has unveiled Flywheel Exchange, a new platform for federated data sharing and analysis.

The tool allows users to browse and share data and algorithms. Flywheel Exchange has a catalog of data from opted-in researchers, publicly available datasets, and private data available for purchase. Users can publish their own data summaries or full datasets for sharing or licensing. The platform also has algorithm sharing so users can browse and run plug-in algorithms that provide automated workflows for data curation, preparation, and processing.

Because of Flywheel Exchange's federated projects capabilities, users can also send algorithms to "visit" datasets for testing and training in a secure way. The platform can integrate with Nvidia Flare, Rhino Health, and other technology partners.

The company is demonstrating the technology at this week's RSNA 2021 annual meeting.

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