DITTA releases cybersecurity white paper

The Global Diagnostic Imaging, Healthcare IT, and Radiation Therapy Trade Association (DITTA) has issued a new white paper that underlines its commitment to cybersecurity.

The paper, "Cybersecurity of Medical Imaging Equipment," is being published at a time when breaches in security may have compromised patient safety and confidentiality of patient data, and DITTA urges all stakeholders to be vigilant in maintaining cybersecurity measures.

The document sets out the principles of current best practice for manufacturers and suppliers, and it stresses that responsibility for cybersecurity cannot lie with a single stakeholder. Manufacturers and hospital IT departments need to work hand in hand to implement these approaches, the organization said.

The paper also notes security risks from increased connectivity and recommends establishing clearly defined processes for effective cybercrime prevention and training all relevant staff to implement and maintain them effectively.

DITTA can serves as a resource for cybersecurity standards and regulations in the sector in collaboration with regulators and professional medical imaging organizations and IT professionals, according to the organization.

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