Analysis of resident reports yields useful quality metrics

Sunday, November 30 | 11:05 a.m.-11:15 a.m. | SSA11-03 | Room S403A
It's worth it to analyze the differences between radiology resident reports and final attending reports, according to this presentation by researchers from Georgia Regents University.

Creating a radiology report is an essential aspect of radiology resident training. After the radiology resident first creates a report, it's subsequently reviewed and modified by an attending radiologist prior to signing; feedback from this attending review is crucial to resident development and education, said primary author Dr. Supriya Gupta.

As a result, the researchers sought to assess the differences between the resident and attending reports, and investigate the various factors influencing these differences.

"These practices are imbibed by radiology residents as trainees and can be habit-forming as they become specialized radiologists," Gupta said.

Preliminary analysis showed that junior-level radiology attendings had significant differences in report modification compared with senior-level attendings.

"Analysis of resident reports compared to final attending reports can provide valuable quality metrics for augmenting resident feedback and education," Gupta said. "It can also provide insight into practice behavior and teaching styles of attending radiologists."

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