ViSion structured reporting automatically generates critical results alert

Monday, November 26 | 12:45 p.m.-1:15 p.m. | LL-INE1249-MOB | Lakeside Learning Center
Having a structured report template that is smart enough to automatically notify referring physicians of critical results and also track and verify their receipt would be a boon to busy radiologists. A group from MD Anderson Cancer Center might have the solution.

Multimedia structured reporting software being developed at MD Anderson's Imaging Processing and Visualization Laboratory will be demonstrated by Dr. David Vining, professor of diagnostic radiology and the lab's medical director, in this poster presentation.

The prototype software, called ViSion, automatically captures key images from an exam as a report is being dictated, tags them by anatomy and pathology, and links them to anatomical sites and prior relevant exams residing in a PACS. When a radiologist signs off on a structured report that contains a critical finding, the ordering physician and/or other designated recipients will receive notification via email or smartphone. A built-in mechanism triggers a return receipt verification that is automatically logged into the system.

If no verification is received within a certain time limit, ViSion will send the critical results alert again and notify the administrator of the ViSion system in case he or she wishes to take additional action, while automatically logging all of this activity with time stamps into a critical results database.

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