Merge eFilm

Image management and informatics developer Merge eFilm is set to roll out new RIS enhancements for its Fusion RIS/PACS offering.

Merge eFilm will spotlight its Fusion RIS/PACS integrated single-desktop solution that integrates RIS, PACS, dictation, document management, billing, and practice analysis. It distributes images via a combination of image streaming, RIS, and PACS DICOM-driven routing methods, according to the Milwaukee-based vendor.


Merge eFilm will demonstrate new Fusion RIS/PACS advances from forthcoming releases, including Referring Practice Portal. With Referring Practice Portal, referring physicians can access reports and associated images from Fusion RIS/PACS or Fusion RIS via the Web. They can also get access to exam/appointment status and emergency/referral access for hospital and clinic referrals and emergency situations, Merge said.

The firm plans on showcasing its new Fusion eFilm Hanging Protocols, by which Fusion RIS/PACS customers can receive RIS-driven hanging protocols tied to the procedure or the radiologist. The company said that the new DICOM Hanging Protocol Standard played a large role in the development of the feature.

The Fusion RIS/PACS is available now. The Fusion RIS and Fusion PACS products are also available as separate applications, the developer said.

By Jonathan S. Batchelor staff writer
November 17, 2004

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