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Swearingen will be exhibiting Version 4 of its RMS for Windows RIS.

RMS for Windows Version 4 builds on previous versions of RMS with more than 30 improvements to offer users expanded capabilities and increased security, according to the Houston-based developer. Improvements include branching and fingerprint security to restrict user access to patient and system data.

With its new branching capability, multiple branches can use a common RMS program and database. The users can report on a single branch or all branches combined. Utilizing the capability, a hospital system or group of clinics can run RMS from one central location as if it were an application service provider (ASP) application. All facilities utilize one RMS application and one common database, simplifying RMS integration into the system's IT network and eliminating confusion from multiple, independent databases, Swearingen said.

RMS for Windows Version 4 utilizes UAreU fingerprint-recognition technology, under license from Redwood City, CA-based DigitalPersona. Administrators can set individual preferences and automatic log-out preferences in the system for supervisors and users.

The RMS RIS is HL7-, TCP/IP-, and HIPAA-compliant. Both RMS and RMSLite utilize a database from Pervasive Software of Austin, TX. RMS has modules available for patient management, patient tracking, file tracking, scheduling, transcription, inventory, quality control, standard procedures, equipment maintenance, and personnel management, Swearingen said.

By Jonathan S. Batchelor
AuntMinnie.com staff writer
November 17, 2004

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