TomTec launches cardiac quantification module

German ultrasound developer TomTec Imaging Systems has launched a new cardiac ultrasound quantification technology, called Research-Arena.

Research-Arena can perform a variety of advanced echocardiography quantification tasks using a single software platform. The system is designed to solve the problem that exists today with users conducting cardiac quantification with different applications and data formats, according to the Munich-based company.

Research-Arena already includes 4D echocardiography, strain, and contrast-echo tools. It can also be interfaced with cardiac quantification applications from third-party vendors -- Siemens Medical Solutions of Erlangen, Germany has integrated its Axius package with Research-Arena, for example.

Users can import 2D DICOM images and 3D studies in various formats into Research-Arena, according to the company. Measurement results can be transferred via DICOM structured report into customizable templates, providing for consistent reporting, and the export of measurement data allows subsequent statistical analysis.

By staff writers
August 27, 2004

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