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Is mixed reality a distraction for neurosurgical operating room (OR) team members? No, and it actually can bring greater efficiency to the OR, according to research published this week.

A team from the University Medical Center Utrecht in the Netherlands reported success from using interactive holograms produced from 3D models created on 3D CT image analysis software. How did they do it? Get all of the details by reading our Insider Exclusive article. 

Meanwhile, a new report discussed the progress – and challenges – with using augmented reality in supporting image-guided spinal surgery. Click here to learn more. 

In other news, quantitative CT isn’t just for diagnosis and tracking of osteoporosis. In line with increasing interest and adoption of objective measures in radiology, quantitative CT has a role to play in a variety of clinical applications, including body composition analysis, functional CT, and AI lesion detection and quantification, according to a presentation at the International Society of Computed Tomography (ISCT) 2023 meeting in San Diego. Read our coverage to learn more. 

Also, a team of researchers employed an interesting approach in training a deep-learning model to classify breast ultrasound images as either benign or malignant. Check out our article to find out how they did it.

Although CT may draw most of the attention when it comes to body composition analysis, MRI is also up to the job, researchers from Spain have found. 

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