Week in review: PSMA-PET for prostate cancer | Does screening extend lives? | Radiology influencers

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What's the best prostate-specific membrane antigen (PSMA) radiotracer for PET/CT prostate cancer imaging? Our top story this week reported on a study conducted by a research team from Beijing, China, that suggests that F-18 PSMA-1007 and gallium-68 (Ga-68) PSMA are the best bets for this indication.

When you've finished that article, check out our Molecular Imaging Community for our reporting on even more up-to-date research, including a case review that described how an FDG-PET/CT scan and thyroid biopsy changed a patient's diagnosis from terminal to treatable with the discovery of a rare neurosarcoidosis.

Does screening extend lives?

Controversy over cancer screening continues, with the latest instance published August 28 in JAMA Internal Medicine. Although a team led by Michael Bretthauer, MD, PhD, from the University of Oslo did not advocate for cancer screening tests to be abandoned, it suggested that claims of screening saving lives are not supported by the "current best available evidence."

Read through our coverage of Bretthauer's and colleagues' study in the Women's Imaging Community, then follow that up with our article on how breast cancer screening advocates rebut those findings.

Radiology influencers

Another popular story this week reported on a study that outlined characteristics of radiology social media influencers and stressed how important it is for the specialty to stay on the cutting edge in this regard. You can find more content like this in our Imaging Leaders Community.

In other Women's Imaging news, we reported on the increase in online self-scheduling for mammography exams.

Finally, in a video interview we posted in our Ultrasound Community, Jasmine Rockett, director of the POCUS Certification Academy (Inteleos), discussed both the growing interest in point-of-care ultrasound (POCUS) and the barriers that persist in its adoption and implementation.

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