Amy Patel talks breast imaging advocacy with

2023 07 24 16 01 8453 2023 07 25 Patel Video Interview 400 spoke with Amy Patel, MD, of Liberty Hospital in Liberty, MO, to learn more about her advocacy efforts to make diagnostic breast imaging more accessible to women.

Patel has been spearheading breast imaging policy on the state and federal levels, including a recent law signed by Missouri Gov. Mike Parson in July that will mandate health insurance companies to cover diagnostic breast imaging services without charging patients a copay or a deductible. The law will take effect on January 1, 2024.

In addition, Patel is also working with Missouri Rep. Brenda Shields and the Susan G. Komen organization on a federal law that would eliminate loopholes and discrepancies between states.

On a personal note, Patel is also a big fan of the NFL's Kansas City Chiefs, so much so that she was named the team's 2022 Fan of the Year.

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