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2008 10 30 09 37 15 506 Toshiba Thumb Mri 2008

(Booth 3429) Toshiba America Medical Systems of Tustin, CA, plans to feature its Vantage Titan and its new Radiance Plus Breast Imaging Suite at RSNA 2008.

2008 10 30 09 37 12 924 Toshiba Mri 2008Vantage Titan is a 1.5-tesla MRI scanner that features a 71-cm patient aperture and a field-of-view of 55 x 55 x 50 cm. The scanner has been installed in multiple hospitals and imaging centers throughout the world.

The system has been cleared by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and is currently available in the U.S. and worldwide, except for Japan.

Toshiba also will introduce its Radiance Plus breast imaging coil as a work-in-progress on the Vantage Atlas and Vantage Titan MR systems. The bilateral multielement coil is designed to optimize breast MR on the Vantage systems, and increases access for breast biopsy.

Radiance Plus features high temporal and spatial resolution for dynamic analysis and lesion characterization. The coil also is designed to deliver a high signal-to-noise ratio to enhance breast image quality.

Radiance Plus has been cleared by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and will be available in the U.S. in December. Toshiba has not yet determined when the coil will be available worldwide.

Additionally, Vantage Atlas and Titan have the ability to perform breast exams with patients oriented feet first, reducing patient discomfort and claustrophobia.

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