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2008 10 30 09 37 13 318 Siemens Thumb Mri 2008

(Booth 922) Siemens Healthcare of Malvern, PA, will emphasize MRI oncology applications in its RSNA booth at this year's RSNA show.

2008 10 30 09 37 13 659 Siemens Mri 2008The company will show syngo Grace, a quantitative MR breast spectroscopy technology for 3-tesla MRI scanners. The application helps users track choline, which acts as a biomarker and provides valuable information on biochemical composition of lesions. By checking relative choline concentration during therapy, the monitoring of treatment efficiency is more reliable. This increases quality and reduces costs of disease management.

syngo Grace is pending 510(k) clearance by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

syngo Reveal is designed to differentiate between benign and malignant lesions. An apparent diffusion coefficient (ADC) map is processed automatically at the end of the scan to provide additional information on cellular density of a lesion. A low value in the ADC map would tend to indicate malignancy.

Siemens also will introduce its Prostate MRS@3TMRI scanner as a work-in-progress for prostate spectroscopy.

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