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2008 10 30 09 37 13 771 Resonance Thumb Mri 2008

(Booth 8924) Resonance Technology of Northridge, CA, plans to highlight advanced new functional MRI (fMRI) accessories and enhancements to its CinemaVision patient comfort audio/video systems.

2008 10 30 09 37 14 590 Resonance Mri 2008Debuting at RSNA 2008 is an fMRI eye-tracking system with advanced patient response software, designed to record and analyze ocular movement. The new eye-tracking system works in conjunction with the company's VisuaStim Digital fMRI audio/visual stimulation delivery system.

The 1,000-Hz system enables enhanced eye-movement tracking in real-time and can monitor nuances of patients' facial expressions as they respond to VisuaStim stimuli in the MRI scanner.

Resonance Technology's latest version of VisuaStim Digital will help users preprogram and verify all fMRI stimulation paradigms outside of the magnet bore under simulated MRI conditions. The technology is designed to ensure the accuracy of an fMRI session, and save time and money by minimizing repeat exams.

Resonance Technology also will show a new audio phone as part of its flagship CinemaVision technology. The phone is integrated into CinemaVision's lightweight audio/video headset, and offers enhanced noise-cancellation technology to enable a technologist to hear the patient distinctly even during scans.

The CinemaVision headset delivers a resolution of 240,000 pixels for both displays to provide high-quality, realistic video. It also features digital stereo sound with a passive noise-attenuation technology and an intercom for ongoing communication between patient and technologist. The entire headset fits within the MRI coil.

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