Toshiba highlights CT software at ECR

VIENNA - Toshiba Medical Systems Europe of Zoetermeer, Netherlands, is highlighting new software applications for functional CT imaging at this week's European Congress of Radiology (ECR).

Whole-organ body perfusion makes use of the 16-cm organ coverage of the company's 320-detector-row Aquilion One scanner to enable the visualization of an entire organ in one rotation, adding a time element to organ perfusion studies.

The application enables the acquisition of multiple isophasic images with preset delay times, and users can set the region of interest in portal and/or arterial vessels, according to the company. The software can be useful for clinical applications such as following up on liver transplants.

The second new application, myocardial perfusion, is designed to compensate for difficulties in quantifying cardiac tissue functionality caused by obstructed coronaries or infarcts. Toshiba is again highlighting Aquilion One's 16 cm of coverage as an advantage, as it enables scanning of the entire heart without having to move the patient, resulting in homogeneous contrast distribution.

Toshiba said the application involves comparing rest and stress data. A rest scan is performed using a low-dose, prospective CT angiography protocol. Then, a pharmacological stress agent is administered, and a low-dose stress scan is performed.

A major advantage of the protocol is its ability to complete a cardiac diagnosis with just one exam, according to Toshiba. Commercial deliveries are scheduled to start in August 2010.

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