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2005 11 04 10 36 33 706

This Malvern, PA, vendor will highlight advancements to CT scanners introduced at previous meetings, but is also is holding back a surprise for RSNA attendees with a new CT technology that could represent a radical redesign of traditional CT instrumentation.

Siemens declined to provide details on the new technology at press time, but the company has released marketing materials promoting "dual-source CT." Sketches of the technology indicate a system with what look like two x-ray tubes and detector arrays located in the CT gantry.

2005 11 04 10 36 33 706

On the more conventional side, Siemens will promote Somatom Sensation, its flagship multislice CT scanner. Sensation features a gantry rotation speed as fast as 0.33 seconds and a unique technology that toggles the system's x-ray focal spot to enable it to offer increased image resolution without increasing radiation dose, according to the company. It carries a list price from $1.7 million to $2 million.

Somatom Emotion 16 is a 16-slice scanner introduced in March 2005 as a midrange scanner. The system offers a gantry rotation speed as fast as 0.5 seconds and 0.6 mm image resolution.

The scanner was designed for community hospitals and outpatient clinics with limited budgets or space constraints, according to the company. For example, the system uses and air-cooled design and does not require an external cooling device. Emotion 16 began shipping in the fall.

By Brian Casey staff writer
November 4, 2005

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