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ER Discrepancy Reporting Using PACS
This presentation outlines how PACS can be used to bridge the communication gap between the emergency room and radiology.
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How a Community Hospital improves the delivery of patient care with PACS.
This presentation outlines the power of a single electronic medical record in rural Missouri and how PACS helps make it possible.
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The Tale of Two Centers:
How subspecialty teleradiology is helping imaging centers improve their business
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Career Planning for PACS System Administrators
In this series of Online Symposia, Herman Oosterwijk of OTech and Janet Skinner of Skinner and Associates discuss career planning for PACS system administrators -- from the education and skills needed to professional opportunities in the industry. *Note - These presentations require Internet Explorer 6 or later and Windows Media player 9 or later.
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Key Considerations to a “disruption-free” upgrade of your RIS/PACS
In this Online Symposium, you will:
1. Learn how to plan for an upgrade – what are the key considerations
2. Learn how to ensure continuous service delivery during upgrades of your RIS/PACS
3. Understand how working as a team, with your RIS/PACS provider, ensures a successful “disruption-free” upgrade
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Connecting Caregivers via Unified Communications
Learn how this radiology team enhances connectivity with other caregivers using unified communications.
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