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CHICAGO - Unlike other imaging areas where American radiologists appear to be losing ground to other specialists, recent data on procedural volumes show that vascular ultrasound has been a "win" for radiology.  
CHICAGO - Hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) is characterized by highly vascular tumors that progress rapidly yet quite variably from patient to patient. In a new study, researchers are attempting to determine whether perfusion imaging can be used to assess the prognosis of the individual patient, and perhaps help direct treatment.  
CHICAGO - Full-field digital mammography (FFDM) is just as good as film-screen mammography (FSM) when it's taken on the road in a mobile unit, according to a presentation Tuesday at the RSNA meeting.  
CHICAGO - Off-the-shelf Internet technology is adequate to transmit digital mammography scans, allowing a radiologist specializing in mammography to receive, read, and interpret images hundreds of miles away, doctors said Tuesday in a presentation at the 2005 RSNA meeting.  
CHICAGO - A new dual-source CT scanner -- using two sets of x-ray tubes and detector arrays -- is the RSNA highlight for multimodality vendor Siemens Medical Solutions. The Malvern, PA, company is also demonstrating recent advances in MRI, molecular imaging, PACS, ultrasound, and x-ray.  

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