Buyer's Guide Update: CAD gives rads a hand

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This edition of Buyer's Guide Update examines software for computer-aided detection (CAD) and reading.

It's a hot area, as radiologists look for help in dealing with massive -- and growing -- volumes of imaging data. Once confined primarily to mammography screening, CAD is increasingly being used for breast MRI, virtual colonoscopy, and chest studies with both CT and digital x-ray.

CAD is also shedding its reliance on standalone workstations and is finding its way into 3D and PACS software packages. Much as 3D has done, CAD is shifting into a client/server-based model that gives clinicians throughout the healthcare enterprise access to its digital advice.

CAD proponents also appear to have fended off -- at least for now -- the threat to reimbursement that developed last year, when several private payors threatened to eliminate CAD payments following the publication of a negative study in the New England Journal of Medicine. Users of breast MRI CAD have been reporting difficulties in getting paid, however.

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Coming up in September, we'll be examining the market for CT products and services.

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