Medtronic acquires Affera

2020 07 15 18 04 1250 Business Agreement 400

Medtronic recently completed its acquisition of Affera, a deal designed to expand Medtronic's cardiac ablation portfolio.

Affera is developing technology to treat patients with cardiac arrhythmias such as atrial fibrillation. This includes a cardiac mapping and navigation platform that encompasses a diagnostic focal-pulsed field and radiofrequency ablation product.

Medtronic said that through the acquisition, Affera's Affera Prism-1 technology will be compatible with therapeutic catheters and technologies from Medtronic and other companies. The company also gains the Sphere-9 cardiac diagnostic and ablation catheter, which allows for the creation of electroanatomical maps and delivers radio frequency and pulsed-field cardiac ablation therapies.

Additional Affera pipeline products such as the Arc-10 coronary sinus diagnostic catheter and Sphere PVI ablation catheter are also included in the deal.

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