Top news stories in radiology for July 2022

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What were the top news stories in radiology for July 2022? At the top of the list was a corporate rebranding by one of medical imaging's biggest multinational corporations, followed by articles on managing radiology staff and how radiologists should best interact with patients.

As always, clinical news was popular among's members. Our article on a study that pitted MRI versus CT for stroke patients was the fourth-most-read story, while the top five was rounded out by coverage of a presentation by Dr. Mathias Prokop at the European Congress of Radiology on the future of CT instrumentation.

The top stories for the month are as follows:

  1. GE reveals brand name for impending healthcare spinoff
  2. 7 hidden reasons people quit their jobs -- and how to prevent it
  3. What 7 'soft skills' must radiologists have?
  4. Is MRI a necessary addition to CT for stroke patients?
  5. Prokop predicts the next frontiers of CT technology
  6. Checklist limits adverse events in interventional radiology
  7. AI improves speed, quality of neuroimaging
  8. ECR: What will breast imaging look like in 2025?
  9. ECR: Don't fear lymphadenopathy after vaccination
  10. COVID pandemic cut breast cancer screening volume by half

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