Hit the road with traveling RTs

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Depending on whom you talk to, the growing market for traveling radiologic technologists is either a great opportunity for footloose RTs, or a major headache for radiology administrators. AuntMinnie.com explores both sides of the issue in a special two-part series we’re running in conjunction with National Radiologic Technology Week, November 3-9.

RTs who take their skills on the road are finding high demand for their short-term services. The pay is good too -- as much as 50% more than permanent RTs are making. The travel is icing on the cake.

But not everyone sees traveling RTs as a positive force. Some administrators say the bigger paychecks are a real budget-buster. And those higher salaries often don’t sit well with a facility’s permanent RTs, leading to morale problems. As a result, many radiology administrators who use traveling RTs say they are planning to phase them out in the near future. Can they?

For the RT's perspective on travel, go to Part I of our series. To see what radiology administrators think of the trend, check out Part II.

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