New technique may top ultrasound for heart disease risk
February 12, 2019 -- A new imaging technique known as volumetric multispectral optoacoustic tomography provided better visualization of the carotid arteries than ultrasound did in a new study, published online February 12 in Radiology. It may help advance the noninvasive assessment of cardiovascular disease, according to the researchers.  Discuss
Transcranial sonography identifies Parkinson's earlier
February 11, 2019 -- Transcranial sonography offers clinicians a viable way to diagnose Parkinson's disease, even before it manifests in clinical symptoms, according to a review published in the March issue of Ultrasound in Medicine and Biology.  Discuss
Why we need a BI-RADS-like system for uterine tumors
February 4, 2019 -- Does radiology need a scoring system like BI-RADS for tracking uterine tumors? In this Second Opinion article, Dr. Hooman Noorchashm, PhD, proposes just such a system, which he believes is necessary after a painful personal experience: the death of his wife, Dr. Amy Josephine Reed, from a uterine soft-tissue sarcoma.  Discuss
How clean are endovaginal ultrasound probes?
February 1, 2019 -- Are endovaginal ultrasound probes being correctly disinfected? Not as they should be -- and this poses a health risk to women, according to a review published in the January issue of the Israel Medical Association Journal.  Discuss
Prostatic artery embolization gains clinical momentum
February 1, 2019 -- Prostate artery embolization has emerged as a highly promising interventional radiology procedure for lower urinary tract symptoms secondary to benign prostatic hypertrophy, Dr. Jamal Al Deen Alkoteesh told Arab Health delegates on the final day of the Total Radiology conference in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.  Discuss
CAD boosts reader performance for breast ultrasound
January 25, 2019 -- Using computer-aided diagnosis (CAD) with breast ultrasound improves the diagnostic performance of both less-experienced and experienced breast imagers, according to a study by researchers from South Korea that was published in the January issue of Medicine.  Discuss
Blended learning for sonography: Lessons I learned
January 18, 2019 -- Blended learning may be all the rage in education, but this format, which combines online and in-classroom education, can have pitfalls as well. Learn what happened when sonography educator Casey Davis created a blended learning program at her school.  Discuss
SWE helps clinicians evaluate Achilles tendon health
January 17, 2019 -- Ultrasound with a shear-wave elastography (SWE) technique offers an effective way to evaluate Achilles tendon health in both athletes and nonathletes, according to a study published online January 14 in Academic Radiology.  Discuss
Start-up BURL develops ultrasound-based 'ECG for stroke'
January 9, 2019 -- SAN FRANCISCO - A California start-up is developing an ultrasound-based device that it hopes could become a low-cost way to test patients for stroke, much in the same way electrocardiograms (ECGs) assess heart-attack patients. Executives with BURL Concepts presented the idea at this week's Digital Medicine & Medtech (DigiMed) Showcase.  Discuss
Can prenatal ultrasound predict Zika infection outcomes?
January 8, 2019 -- Abnormal results on prenatal ultrasound scans in women infected with the Zika virus may help predict how the virus will affect the fetus after birth -- but they can't be considered definitive, according to a study published online December 28 in JAMA Network Open.  Discuss