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Fujifilm to debut glass-free DR panel at RSNA 2019

By staff writers
November 27, 2019

Fujifilm Medical Systems USA plans to introduce a glass-free digital radiography (DR) detector, FDR D-Evo III, at next week's RSNA 2019 meeting in Chicago. The company will also show advances in enterprise imaging and artificial intelligence.

FDR D-Evo III represents the third generation of Fujifilm's DR detector technology. In addition to its glass-free design, the detector also employs the company's irradiated side sampling (ISS) technology. The combination removes the glass substrate used on traditional DR panels, eliminating the most fragile component of the detector and contributing to a weight of just 4.2 lb for a 14 x 17-inch detector.

FDR D-EVO III includes features also found on the second-generation FDR D-Evo II detector, including a sleek design and tapered edges, according to the company, while the panel's antibacterial nanocoating helps prevent hospital-acquired infections. FDR D-Evo III has received U.S. Food and Drug Administration clearance.

Other Fujifilm DR detectors to be displayed at RSNA 2019 include Calneo Dual, a 17 x 17-inch detector that features two sensitivity capture layers that are combined with the company's energy subtraction image processing. A single x-ray exposure produces three images for better visualization and tracking of lung cancer nodules: traditional, soft-tissue only, and bone-only views.

Also, FDR SE Lite is a DR detector for retrofit projects that Fujifilm will preview at RSNA 2019. Designed for specialty and small medical practices, the detector when combined with its companion workstation offers features like instant image transfer, simplified workflow, and shorter exam times compared with computed radiography.

On the software side, Fujifilm will demonstrate Synapse 7x, the company's latest enterprise imaging platform. Synapse 7x is a server-side viewer platform that brings diagnostic radiology, mammography, and cardiology images together on a single zero-footprint enterprise platform, according to the company.

Fujifilm's Synapse 3D application operates natively within the viewer, and Synapse 7x is also designed to take advantage of Fujifilm's artificial intelligence algorithms and use AI results natively within radiologist workflow. Other components of Synapse 7x include Synapse VNA (vendor-neutral archive), Synapse EIS (enterprise information system), and Synapse Cloud Services.

In artificial intelligence, Fujifilm will highlight REiLI, the vendor's AI initiative. Under REiLI, the company is developing AI technologies that support radiology workflow, such as region recognition, computer-aided detection, and workflow support.

Finally, in ultrasound, the company will demonstrate offerings from its Fujifilm SonoSite division, including the SonoSite X-Porte portable kiosk ultrasound scanner, the SonoSite Edge II system, the SonoSite SII, and SonoSite iViz.

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