Physicians experience sexual harassment from patients
July 16, 2018 -- Physicians across a variety of specialties are sexually harassed by patients, although radiologists appear to experience it the least of any medical specialty, according to a report published by Medscape.  Discuss
How patient consumerism affects today's radiology practice
July 16, 2018 -- Consumerism in the world of healthcare means that patients are taking a more active interest in the cost and quality of the services they receive. In this column, Sandy Coffta of Healthcare Administrative Partners examines how this trend affects today's radiology practice.  Discuss
Breast cancer follow-up imaging varies widely
July 13, 2018 -- Follow-up imaging for women with nonmetastatic breast cancer varies widely across the U.S., with some women going without annual mammography postdiagnosis and others getting too much imaging via full-body scans, according to a study in the July issue of the Journal of the National Comprehensive Cancer Network.  Discuss
Radiology escapes big cuts to Medicare payments in 2019
July 13, 2018 -- Radiology will largely escape major cuts in reimbursement for Medicare studies in 2019, according to a proposed Medicare Physician Fee Schedule for next year released on July 12 by the U.S. Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.  Discuss
Tariffs could add $400M to medical equipment costs
July 13, 2018 -- A new study by a policy institute estimates that the Trump administration's tariffs on products made in China will add $400 million annually to the cost of medical equipment in the U.S. The tariffs will add $44.6 million to the cost of x-ray parts and $33.7 million to the cost of CT scanners.  Discuss
Women's menstrual phase may increase radiation risk
July 13, 2018 -- Hormonal changes caused by a woman's menstrual cycle may put them at higher risk of developing cancer from exposure to medical radiation, according to a letter published July 10 in Radiology. Providers may want to consider menstrual phase when deciding when to perform studies -- particularly nuclear medicine exams -- in younger women, the researchers recommended.  Discuss
Contrast ultrasound identifies early cervical cancer
July 13, 2018 -- Contrast-enhanced ultrasound appears to be an effective alternative to MRI for identifying early cervical cancer -- especially in women who have tumors small enough to make them candidates for surgery, according to a study published in the August issue of Ultrasound in Medicine and Biology.  Discuss
#MyRadGirlfriend No. 67: How not to flirt at a singles bar
July 13, 2018 -- Andy and Priya head to a singles bar to blow off some steam after a long shift at the hospital. But Priya finds that her impressive research resume doesn't get her very far in the next installment of #MyRadGirlfriend.  Discuss
Early breast cancer screening = less-extensive treatment
July 12, 2018 -- Regular breast cancer screening with mammography for younger women translates into a lower stage at breast cancer diagnosis and less-extensive treatment, according to a study published online July 9 in the Annals of Surgical Oncology.  Discuss
Doctors in small practices less prone to burnout
July 12, 2018 -- Feeling burned out? It could be because you're working in a big, anonymous healthcare system. Doctors who worked in small primary care practices reported much lower burnout rates in a study published in the July-August issue of the Journal of the American Board of Family Medicine.  Discuss