Tablets can be used to interpret remote ultrasound studies

Monday, December 1 | 9:15 a.m.-9:25 a.m. | VSIN21-03 | Room E352
In this talk, researchers from Greece will present their experience using a tablet to perform real-time, remote diagnosis of dynamic ultrasound exams.

Making use of a hardware video compression system that can send video clips in 1080p, a Wi-Fi router, and a 10.1-inch tablet with a 2,560 x 1,600-pixel display, the group's system enables remote, real-time wireless review of ultrasound video clips, said presenter Dr. Vasileios Moustakas of Evangelismos Hospital in Athens.

"In this modality, visualization of a complete examination in real-time -- instead of static images -- is important to establish the best possible diagnosis," Moustakas said.

The system showed nearly 99% interobserver agreement for two readers during testing. It could be used when the ultrasound study is being performed by a resident or sonographer, or "in cases when a second, more-experienced look on whole-ultrasound examinations is needed in real-time," he said.

"Also, when performing contrast-enhanced ultrasound [CEUS] -- where viewing the exam in real-time is crucial -- a more experienced radiologist in the use of CEUS can take part in the examination even if he is situated in a different city or country," he said.

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