Ricoh launches healthcare 3D printing service

2019 12 19 19 44 2284 3 D Printing2 400

Printing and IT services provider Ricoh has launched a 3D printing service designed to produce patient-specific anatomical models for healthcare providers.

Integrating with IBM Watson Health's iConnect Access enterprise imaging software, Ricoh 3D for Healthcare creates 3D-printed representations of tissue and bone based on the patient's imaging studies. After a healthcare professional utilizes the interactive segmentation tool within iConnect Access and submits a request, Ricoh then facilitates the development process on the HIPAA-compliant platform to produce and deliver the final 3D-printed model, the vendor said.

The 3D models are meant to serve as physical simulators to help clinicians see inside anatomy and are not intended for diagnosis or treatment, Ricoh said.

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