Ikonopedia adds pathology reporting to resolution manager

Breast imaging software developer Ikonopedia is introducing an automated, closed-loop resolution manager system with integrated pathology reporting capabilities at RSNA 2018.

The new resolution manager resolves pathology results with the associated BI-RADS 4 or 5 diagnostic exams, the firm said. Ikonopedia uses a closed-loop follow-up system to ensure patient findings do not get lost. For instance, the manager can resolve noncompliant patient status in cases in which the patient fails to return.

Ikonopedia Analytics provides a detailed summary for resolved BI-RADS 4 and 5 exams as well as unresolved exams. Also, pathology results can be automatically added to the clinical report. In addition, one or more pathology specimens can be linked to each specific location identified in the corresponding biopsy or imaging exam. This closes the loop at the patient level and also for each individual lesion, Ikonopedia said.

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