Should radiologists close the loop on their recommendations?

Wednesday, November 30 | 3:50 p.m.-4:00 p.m. | SSM11-06 | Room S102D
In this keynote presentation, Dr. Annette Johnson of Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center will make the case that radiologists should own the process of closing the loop on their follow-up imaging recommendations.

Test results management is a huge challenge for providers, despite their diligence and focused efforts, Johnson said.

"Breakdowns in communication of test results occur across the spectrum of clinical settings and result in patient harm and litigation," she told "Failure to take action on abnormal imaging test results remains a problem despite [electronic health record] implementation and automated alert systems."

There are pros and cons to radiologists taking on this issue, Johnson said. For example, it's a complex problem, and referrers who order a test are obligated to check the results. There are also healthcare providers in the system who know the patients much better. However, radiologists are the common thread across multiple service lines in a complex healthcare system, she said.

"Radiologists are well-positioned to lead the effort to solve this problem -- to design and own the process to ensure that the loop is closed for every one of our follow-up recommendations," Johnson said. "Radiologists are patient-centered and should take up the gauntlet on this for the sake of all the patients whose scans we read carefully, and who deserve to be able to rely on us to make sure their imaging test results don't fall through the cracks."

Join the debate on this hot topic by attending the talk on Wednesday.

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