IHE publishes new radiology white papers

The Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise (IHE) Radiology Technical Committee has published two new white papers this week, one on the subject of management of report templates and the other defining cross-enterprise screening mammography workflow.

The first white paper is intended to inform about the creation of a Management of Radiology Report Templates (MRRT) Profile and support work being done in DICOM Working Group 8, according to the organization. It explores the use cases for radiology report templates and describes in detail a model that will serve as a format for how templates can be exchanged between systems and between template libraries and reporting systems.

The "Cross-Enterprise Screening Mammography Workflow Definition" white paper describes the workflows of breast screening programs from Italy, France, and the province of Ontario in Canada. Its objective is to promote a common understanding of specific tasks, dependencies between tasks, and rules needed to effectively management workflow execution and interoperability among different information systems.

Individuals interested in providing feedback can contact the IHE Radiology Technical Committee.

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