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(Booth 9524) Integrated Document Solutions (IDS) of Fort Lauderdale, FL, will display the latest version of its Voice2Dox dictation and structured reporting system, which allows radiologists to decide how they want their reports to be created.

2008 11 07 15 20 45 758 Integrateddocument Hit 2008Voice2Dox features integrated speech automation functionality, enabling physicians to have their dictations interpreted by the company's speech recognition engine or forwarded as audio recordings to a transcriptionist for typing. Physicians also can choose to bypass dictation altogether and use their normal templates to create structured reports, which are electronically signed and automatically distributed to referring physicians. Voice2Dox can also be integrated with the RIS or PACS system to prepopulate the study information.

Voice2Dox version 2 includes a number of new features, including preliminary results distribution, addendum filings, related studies groupings, injected content, and report previews.

Through the system, radiologists can deliver preliminary results to a hospital information system before their final report is ready. Doctors can communicate results to other caregivers while the completed report is being transcribed or edited, cutting a critical 35 minutes or more from the response time, according to the company.

Radiologists can provide a single electronic signature for a group of related studies, allowing them to "review many, sign once," according to the company, and eliminate the need for multiple signatures for the same case.

Also, radiologists can now dynamically inject paragraphs and normal phrases -- called "snippets" -- from a clipboard of their own commonly used "canned" text. These snippets can be inserted anywhere in the structured report.

Finally, Voice2Dox includes a new report preview feature that allows radiologists to view their full report in a similar fashion to viewing a document in print preview mode.

Voice2Dox is currently available worldwide.

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