Agfa launches preliminary reports software

Agfa HealthCare of Greenville, SC, has begun shipping Impax ConnectED, a new software application that automates and expedites communication between a hospital's radiology and emergency department (ED) regarding preliminary findings.

ConnectED provides multiple mechanisms to enable radiologists to notify ED physicians of a critical result, or to notify multiple individuals in the ED. It also offers department-level visibility of messaging activity, with communication trails automatically stored in a searchable archive for more than 10 years.

ConnectED integrates with Agfa's PACS software and is available either as a standalone package for Impax or an enhancement to Impax Veriphy, Agfa's critical test result management software.

In other news, Agfa announced that it is working with Teranet, a Toronto-based provider of integrated land-based information products, on the development and hosting of a new medical imaging data center and virtual private network (VPN) service for hospitals across Ontario. The Hospital Diagnostic Imaging Repository Services (HDIRS) PACS project is a joint initiative of 23 hospital corporations to share images and reports across 33 sites.

Data will be stored at Teranet's secure data centers, and the 33 participating hospital sites will have secure and real-time access to relevant patient images, including ultrasound and x-ray images from different hospital sites. In addition, the project will provide disaster recovery, business continuity services, and network management.

Finally, Agfa announced that Oregon Health & Science University of Portland has gone live with its Impax RIS software. The second phase of the project will include Impax Scheduling, Agfa's hospital scheduling system.

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