IHE PCC committee releases technical framework

The Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise (IHE) Patient Care Coordination (PCC) technical committee has published its CC technical framework 1.0 final text, as well as trial implementation versions of the four supplements developed this year.

The documents will be used as the basis for testing of PCC integration profiles at IHE Connectathons beginning in January 2007, according to the initiative. Profiles include:

  • Basic Patient Privacy Concepts (BPPC) -- provides a mechanism to record patient privacy consent(s), mark documents with the privacy policies that should be applied, and describe how document consumers enforce those policies.

  • Emergency Department Referral Content Profile (EDR) -- provides a mechanism to communicate medical summary data from an EHR system to an emergency department information system (EDIS).

  • Exchange of Personal Health Record Content Profile (XPHR) -- describes the content and format of summary information extracted from a PHR system for import into an EHR system, and vice versa. It also supports interoperability between PHR systems used by patients and EHR systems used by healthcare providers, according to IHE.

  • Preprocedure History and Physical Content Profile (PPHP) -- provides a mechanism to communicate the collection of data that must be available prior to the procedure to evaluate and ameliorate any identified risk, according to IHE.

By AuntMinnie.com staff writers
August 22, 2006

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