RSNA newcomer Commissure of New York City will debut its RadWhere Suite and RadPort Suite radiology workflow and communications products.

RadWhere Suite is a real-time speech-reporting application that uses patented natural language understanding algorithms to speed the reporting process and reduce how much the radiologist must say to complete a report, according to Commisure. RadWhere is also capable of analyzing radiology reports and coding them with the proper ICD9 codes, eliminating the need for manual coding, the company said. An enterprise teleradiology component is available that connects to multiple sites and provides a single workstation from which to access studies. 

RadPort Suite focuses on assisting referring clinicians with ordering radiology exams and accessing multimedia results for their patients. RadPort's decision support criteria, based on work done by the American College of Radiology for its appropriateness criteria, were developed by expert panels of physicians in all specialties of medicine, Commisure said.

The firm utilized input from more than 1,500 clinicians over a 10-year period for its decision support component. The product uses a comprehensive and continuously updated knowledge base that provides real-time decision support information to clinicians at the time of ordering by suggesting the most appropriate exam on the basis of indications and history. 

By Jonathan S. Batchelor staff writer
November 18, 2005

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