7D Surgical upgrades image-guided surgery system

2020 02 04 00 56 8557 7 D Surgical System 400

7D Surgical has added a universal tracking kit and a cranial biopsy kit to its 7D Surgical machine-vision image-guided surgery (MvIGS) platform for spinal and cranial surgery.

The 7D Surgical MvIGS system. Image courtesy of 7D Surgical.The 7D Surgical MvIGS system. Image courtesy of 7D Surgical.

The 7D Surgical system uses a combination of light-based cameras and machine-vision algorithms to enable intraoperative imaging. The relatively new technology is a radiation-free alternative to more traditional image-guidance modalities, the company said.

Adding the universal tracking kit to the 7D Surgical system allows clinicians to track and visualize practically any surgical instrument near the spine during surgery. The cranial biopsy kit assists neurosurgeons in targeting brain lesions during needle biopsy procedures.

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