Siemens unveils head-mounted display device

Siemens Medical Solutions has revealed a prototype visualization device that projects image data onto a head-mounted display worn by surgeons. The product, known as augmented reality image guidance, or in situ visualization, could help surgeons determine the best route to a tumor.

The system employs a head-mounted display that carries three miniature cameras. Two of the video cameras capture a stereoscopic view of the surgical site; the third camera is used for viewpoint tracking, in combination with optical markers framing the surgical site, according to Siemens.

A computer superimposes 3-D images taken from a patient’s CT or MR data onto the video view for display on the surgeon’s head-mounted display. The surgeon will then be able to see an anatomical structure in 3-D space from different angles to help determine the best route to perform an invasive procedure.

Researchers at the Iselin, NJ-based firm are exploring in-situ visualization with a variety of medical imaging modalities, such as CT, MR, x-ray, and ultrasound imaging. A prototype could be ready to enter clinical testing and evaluation in approximately six months, according to Frank Sauer, Ph.D., project manager in the company’s imaging and visualization department.

By staff writers
April 23, 2002

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