Week in review: How to be a resilient radiologist | Synthetic MRI for brain evaluation | ECR 2022 RadCast

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Resilience has always been an important life skill, but it's been absolutely crucial over the course of the COVID-19 pandemic. Our most popular story on AuntMinnie.com this week features nine tips on how radiologists can cultivate "antifragility" to deal with the constant challenges and change in today's world of radiology.

For example, it's important to accept unpredictability and to make use of mistakes, according to a research group led by Luke Verst of the University of Washington in Seattle. What else is on their list of resilience-building strategies? You can find out by clicking here or by visiting our Imaging Leaders Community.

Synthetic MRI for brain evaluation

Our second-most highly viewed article highlights the potential of synthetic MRI in brain imaging. Researchers from China reported that the technique may even be able to replace conventional MR sequences in order to shorten scan time and obtain multiple quantitative parameters for evaluating brain health.

Other stories generating significant page views this week in our MRI Digital Community include the following:

ECR 2023 RadCast

The European Congress of Radiology (ECR) returns to Vienna next week, and AuntMinnie.com editors will be on hand to file reports from the scientific and plenary sessions, as well as the exhibition. Be sure to check out our RadCast, which will be updated daily from March 1-5 with articles and video interviews from Austria Center Vienna.

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