Consider COVID-19 chest imaging patterns to prep for next pandemic
March 5, 2021 -- Understanding chest imaging patterns prompted by the COVID-19 pandemic -- specifically, what time of day most of these exams are ordered -- is useful for healthcare providers as they deal with similar crises going forward, according to a study published March 3 in PLOS One. Read More
12 tips for handling your first overnight call
March 4, 2021 -- A radiologist's first overnight call can prompt anxiety, but there are ways to navigate it that can make the experience as successful and comfortable as possible, according to a presentation delivered March 3 at the virtual ECR 2021. Read More
What the new federal law on surprise billing means for radiology
March 3, 2021 -- The issue of patients receiving large, unexpected medical bills from hospitals and physicians has been widely publicized. This situation, known as "surprise billing," is the subject of new federal legislation, and Sandy Coffta of Healthcare Administrative Partners explains. Read More
8 tips for putting transgender patients at ease in the radiology suite
March 3, 2021 -- Transgender patients often face significant difficulties when it comes to receiving healthcare, and radiology departments have a key role to play in mitigating these difficulties, according to a review published March 1 in the Journal of the American College of Radiology. Read More
Small practices have opportunity for additional provider relief
March 1, 2021 -- From February 24 to March 10, medical practices with fewer than 20 employees will have a preferential opportunity to obtain a loan under the Paycheck Protection Program. Rebecca Farrington from Healthcare Administrative Partners explains. Read More
Use of cardio CT, MRI increases, but remains fraction of heart imaging
February 26, 2021 -- The use of cardiovascular CT and MRI has been increasing -- as has the number of radiologists providing these exams -- even though they still make up a fraction of the number of annual cardiac exams performed, according to a new study. Read More
New diagnosis codes related to COVID-19 take effect in 2021
February 24, 2021 -- Most of the annual changes to diagnosis coding under ICD-10 system take effect on October 1, but other changes occur during the year. Erin Stephens of Healthcare Administrative Partners explains the codes related to COVID-19 took effect on January 1. Read More
Are radiology staff less susceptible to COVID-19 burnout?
February 17, 2021 -- Radiology personnel may be weathering COVID-19-induced stress and anxiety better than their colleagues in other parts of the hospital, according to a February 16 study in the Journal of Medical Imaging and Radiation Oncology. Read More
COVID-19 vaccine may skew breast MRI results
February 10, 2021 -- The COVID-19 vaccine appears to increase incidence of axillary lymphadenopathy on breast MRI -- thus boosting women's risk of unnecessary biopsy, according to a study published February 5 in the American Journal of Roentgenology. Read More
I'm working my tail off but not getting any work done (Part 1 of 2)
February 10, 2021 -- Do you feel like you're busier than ever, but you're not getting anything done? Radiologist Dr. Roy Kwak has felt that way too, and he explains why in the first of a two-part series. Read More