Week in Review: Coronavirus dominates headlines | PET scan volume grows | AIUM canceled

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Efforts to contain the global outbreak of the novel coronavirus continue to dominate the headlines, and radiology is no exception. Stories related to detecting and diagnosing COVID-19 were the most-read articles on AuntMinnie.com for the past week.

Our top story was based on an article in the American Journal of Roentgenology that advised radiologists on how to differentiate cases of COVID-19 on CT scans from adenovirus. The article included CT images from patients seen in Wuhan, China, the origin of the contagion.

Next up was a shocking story about how a radiology seminar held in Australia may have been linked to two cases of COVID-19 in physicians who attended the meeting. The case underscores the wisdom behind the decisions to cancel medical meetings, a process that began last week and has continued even through Friday.

Other important articles in our coverage of the coronavirus outbreak include a story on how to distinguish COVID-19 pneumonia on CT scans and new advice from the American College of Radiology that cautions against overreliance on CT for diagnosing COVID-19.

Outside of the coronavirus, the radiology world has continued spinning. A new report has good news in the battle to reduce radiation dose -- researchers found that CT with low-dose protocols produced no detectable evidence of DNA damage.

Get these stories -- and continue to get the latest news on radiology's role in the coronavirus outbreak -- in our CT Community.

PET scan volume grows

Another top story from last week was a report by IMV Medical Information Division that documented rising use of PET in the U.S. The report found that the volume of PET scans has risen 6% per year, with more growth forecast for coming years.

While you're in our Molecular Imaging Community, check out the latest communication from the Society for Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging (SNMMI), which confirmed that its June meeting is still scheduled to go forward. The group said it is closely watching the coronavirus outbreak and could revise its decision in the future.

Hopefully, SNMMI 2020 will avoid the fate of other medical imaging conferences, including the American Institute of Ultrasound in Medicine, which announced on Friday that its meeting scheduled for later this month in New York City would be canceled.

Disclosure noticed: AuntMinnie.com is a sister company of IMV Medical Information Division.

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