Ikonopedia reports age is significant risk factor for BAC

2021 04 22 16 35 1971 Breast Mammo Computer 400

Age can be a significant risk factor for breast arterial calcifications (BAC), according to a study of more than 17,000 digital mammography patient records published this month in the Annals of Epidemiology.

The retrospective study, which utilized breast imaging software developer Ikonopedia's cloud-based structured breast reporting and Mammography Quality Standards Act (MQSA) management system, revealed that the risk of BAC doubles for every 10 years of age.

The study found that BAC prevalence was 12.3% overall, with higher BAC prevalence among Hispanic and Black women. Lower BAC prevalence occurred in women using hormone replacement therapy, who never gave birth to a child, who were premenopausal, who had dense breasts and/or breast implants, and who were of Ashkenazi heritage.

These results suggest that BAC has the potential to be a potential marker of coronary artery disease (CAD). Communicating BAC information during breast cancer screening could potentially prompt women to initiate preventative care for CAD.

Ikonopedia is highlighting its newest system software upgrade at the RSNA, including the recently introduced Insight Analytics tool, which provides comprehensive end-to-end reporting and deep mining analytic capabilities. These analytics help identify the types of cancer, breast tissue density, compliance, and other high-risk indicators by age group to help assist in managing patient populations.

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