NY Times: Mammography sites pamper patients

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Mammography facilities are resorting to spa-like amenities like heated robes, soft music, and scent diffusers to create relaxing environments that are more enticing to women, according to a June 6 article in the New York Times.

Cognizant of the fact that getting a mammogram can be an unpleasant experience, many breast imaging sites are doing more to make women feel relaxed and pampered before their exams. One facility hosts a VIP night where women can receive chair massages and goody bags. NewYork-Presbyterian in New York City opened a downtown Manhattan location last year that has softly lit walls, personal lockers, soothing music, and robes in a range of sizes rather than just one-size-fits-all. The article even states that mammography vendors are selling machines that can emit a "light calming fragrance."

The story notes that while providing mammography screening is often a money-losing proposition for hospitals due to low reimbursement, there can be a "ripple effect" if women who have a good experience make future appointments at hospitals.

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