Firm launches BioShield radiation pill

Premier Micronutrient has begun commercial sales to consumers of its BioShield radiation protection pill, designed to mitigate DNA damage caused by exposure to radiation.

BioShield contains a formulation of vitamins and antioxidants designed to reduce oxidative stress and inflammation produced by ionizing radiation, resulting in less DNA damage, according to the company. The pills can be ingested orally by patients prior to exposure to radiation such as from dental x-rays, CT scans, mammograms, or air flight.

Animal studies have demonstrated an increase in survival for test subjects who received the formulation compared to those that did not, in addition to less damage to organ tissue, Premier said. In human studies, an assay test performed in Germany demonstrated fewer DNA double-strand breaks (which can initiate cellular mutations) in test subjects who received radiation dose levels comparable to diagnostic CT scans.

The pill is now available to consumers at as well as at specialty websites; previous sales were to the government or institutions.

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