U.K. scientist wins medal

A U.K. scientist who founded a firm that is developing a new computer-aided detection (CAD) software application has received a prestigious award from the country's Royal Academy of Engineering.

Michael Brady of the University of Oxford received the academy's Sir Frank Whittle Medal for his contribution to engineering innovations in healthcare that have aided the well-being of the U.K. Brady received the medal at a ceremony on January 11.

Brady is co-founder of Mātakina, a New Zealand-based firm that is developing a CAD application called Volpara for breast cancer screening. Mātakina plans to file for U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval next month.

Brady and fellow scientist Ralph Highnam developed the technology behind Volpara -- an algorithm that can model the physics of a mammogram image to quantify breast density, a risk factor for breast cancer -- more than a decade ago.

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