At the RSNA show, Planmed will highlight two mammography systems: Planmed Nuance Classic and the work-in-progress Planmed Nuance FFDM. Nuance Classic is an analog system that can be upgraded to full-field digital, while Nuance FFDM has the option to add a computer-aided detection capability.


Nuance Classic is digitally upgradable and features the company's Flex-AEC system. With 48 individual solid-state detectors, Flex-AEC compensates for tissue density and radiation spectrum variations, eliminates photocell placement guesswork, reduces retakes, and improves productivity, according to Roselle, IL-based Planmed.

Nuance Classic has a new C-arm and base design to improve patient positioning, as well as a new side-access positioning system option that increases open workspace, making patient positioning easier and more precise. Planmed's MaxView breast positioning system can also be added to Nuance Classic.

Nuance FFDM, first introduced at last year's RSNA meeting, is based on amorphous selenium digital detectors. The system includes MaxView and the company's side-access positioning system, as well as image acquisition and soft-copy reading with an optional CAD interface. Nuance FFDM can perform diagnostic mammography procedures when an optional digital stereotactic device and a geometric magnification kit are attached.

By Kate Madden Yee staff writer
November 10, 2004

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